Dave’s Christmas Ode to Wheat Bread

December 2002 – Attached to some loaves of homemade wheat bread we gave as post-Christmas presents.

The presents all opened.
The wrapping discarded.
Uncle George and Aunt Mabel
have long since departed.

The house is a mess.
Your memory a blur.
You can’t quite recall
just what has occurred.

But one thing is certain
as you look at your waist.
You didn’t hold back
from feeding your face.

You ate all the pies,
the cookies, the cakes.
‘Til your belly was full,
your appetite slaked.

Now your mind has been turned
to a brand new New Year.
And the promises you’ll make
once January is here.

Let this bread be a start.
A nice cleansing treat.
A delicious delight
of fresh whole ground wheat.

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